Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter (5-Ton)

mantis swiftsplit log splitter

review stars The Mantis 5005 SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter (5-Ton) stands apart from the crowd with its vertical design which is not standard in the industry. The vertical design uses a dolly design for easy portability, no more back strains with this splitter. The Mantis SwiftSplit Log Splitter features large 10” wheels to make it durable on even the toughest of terrains, and much easier to pull around than the other log splitters with smaller wheels. This handy log splitter offers five tons of splitting capacity to get the job done with ease. This unit is perfectly designed with ease of use in mind making it a great choice; however the unit is quite pricey with a retail price of $599. You can easily split logs that are up to 20 inches long and 12” inches in diameter with the convenient easy load feature. The Mantis log Splitter uses a standard 110 or 120 volt electrical outlet to operate making it convenient to use with any electrical outlet.

Overall the Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter is a great product that offers an innovative vertical design  not found on other comparable models. However, if you are looking for a log splitter with comparable power for a lower price; you may want to consider the Powerhouse XM-380 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter which includes a 7 ton electric log splitter offering more power that is significantly more affordably priced at only $315. Customers have complaints stating that if you use this log splitter with logs that are larger than 10” in diameter the base plate of the unit will begin to warp under stress over time. Overall though customers were pleased with the performance of the Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Firewood Splitter as well as the excellent customer service that they received when needing help.

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  • Innovative dolly-like design for portability
  • 10″pneumatic tires
  • 5-ton splitting capacity
  • easy loading/unloading

  • Price may be an issue
  • Difficulty splitting larger logs
Rating:review stars
Price: $599.99

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  1. Ricardo says:

    The wood needs to be seasoned one year bfoere burning .But you need to split it while it is green..cottonwood is not a very good fire[place wood..but if it is free as you have cut it down..I would burn it..I just wouldn’t buy cottonwood to burn

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