Panacea Deluxe 8ft Firewood Rack

panacea 8ft firewood rack

review starsThe Panacea Deluxe Outdoor 8ft Firewood Rack (15204) is a quality firewood rack that is a very affordable option for the cost conscious consumer priced at only $78. This good quality firewood rack can store up to a ½ cord of firewood that is up to 14” in length. The sturdy frame is made from 1.25” tubular steel posts to provide stability and strength for your firewood storage needs and measures 96” length x 14” in width x 48” in height. The Panacea Deluxe Outdoor Log Rack is also coated with a black powder coat finish which allows for weatherproofing to prevent corosion which can occur due to exposure to the outdoor elements. The affordable Panacea Deluxe Outdoor 8ft Firewood Rack will allow you to keep your firewood up off the ground in order to properly season the wood for ease in burning.

If you would like to compare other affordable options the Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack (82437) is also able to hold ½ cord of wood and is priced affordably at $49 with great customer reviews. However, the Panacea Deluxe Outdoor 8ft Firewood Rack is a great value for the price. Customer reviews were overall good for the Panacea Deluxe Outdoor Log Rack with many customers finding that this unit was more solid and sturdy than they had anticipated. Customers were also pleased with the longevity of the product and the ease in assembly. However, some customers did find that the shipping for this firewood rack was overpriced and did not like the limitations of 14” in length for the firewood storage capacity. Overall the Panacea Deluxe 8ft Firewood Rack offers good quality and customer reviews which make it an excellent option for affordable firewood rack.

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  • 1.25″ Tubular steel frame
  • Weatherproof powder coat finish
  • Strong and durable
  • Affordable price

  • Overpriced shipping
  • Can only store firewood up to 14″ in length
Rating:review stars
Price: $78.26

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  1. ASIR says:

    Just a tip.Let the firewood dry for 1 year beofre using it.Why?Because then it will be compleatly DRY and Give MORE heat.It will also burn more cleanly and easier to get the fire started.We usually cut down the trees just beofre winter starts or during winter, the trees got less water in them during that time.Other then that, you got good videos. keep up the good job.Might come in handy some day.[]

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