SpeeCo Horizontal / Vertical Gas Log Splitter (28-Ton)

speeco horizontal / vertical gas log splitter

review stars The SpeeCo Gas Log Splitter – 28 Ton (GX240) comes standardly equipped with 28 tons of splitting capacity along with Honda GX240 commercial engine. Another great feature of this powerful gas log splitter is that it can operate from both a horizontal or vertical position for ease of use, which is easier on your back when hauling larger timber and logs. The new and improved heavier beam combined with the heavy duty tongue and handle and safety chains make transporting this gas log splitter easy and safe with the 4.8” x 12” highway tires. Another great feature of the SpeeCo Log Splitter is that it features a 4.5” cylinder that offers a 16 gallon per minute pump. Overall the SpeeCo Horizontal and Vertical Firewood Splitter is a powerful and sturdy piece of equipment that does the job well and is designed for easy portability and long lasting durability to provide ease in log splitting for years to come.

While the SpeeCo Log Splitter is a great log splitter that features a variety of innovative features, if you are looking for comparable power at a much more affordable price you may want to consider the Swisher (LS11528HP) Briggs & Straton Gas Powered Log Splitter (28-Ton) which sells for almost $800 cheaper and offers the same amount of splitting capacity. However, the SpeeCo Log Splitter does feature a more durable design and better highway features when towing it. We should not that some customers didn’t like the placement of the exhaust making it directly in your face during use. However, overall the SpeeCo Gas Log Splitter GX240 is an excellent log splitter that offers a lot of power and an innovative rugged design. Customers were happy with the power and ease of use as well as the built in log cradle to catch the firewood after they split.

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  • 27 Tons of Raw Splitting Capacity
  • Horizontal and vertical operation capability
  • 4.8″ x 12″ highway tires
  • Heavy Duty Tongue and Handle

  • A little pricey
  • Exhaust placement is inconvenient
Rating:review stars
Price: $2142.90

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