Troy Built Hydraulic Gas Log Splitter (27-Tons)

troy built gas log splitter

review stars The Troy Built 27-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter (#24BF572B766) is a well-made gas log splitter that comes equipped with 27 tons of splitting capacity that can handle splitting logs up to 25 inches in length and 16 inches in diameter; which makes it powerful enough to cut through tough knotty logs with like a breeze. The Troy Built Hydraulic Log Splitter features a 160 cc Honda OHC engine and is CARB compliant. This model provides a wide stable base as well with 16” x 4.8” wheel base that features diamond plate fenders. This gas log splitter also features a cast iron design for years of dependability and durability. Another great feature of the Troy Built Log Splitter is that with the powerful engine and 27 tons of splitting capacity you can easily split with with its easy operation controls.

If you are looking for comparable models of gas log splitters, the Swisher (LS11528HP) Briggs & Straton Gas Powered Log Splitter (28-Ton) is a great option that provides you with 28 tons of splitting capacity for over $200 less. Although, the Troy Built model is very well made and features a Honda OHC motor that is sure to provide the needed power and durability when you’re cutting firewood. Some customers had problems with the unit not working after only one winter of use. However, most customers are pleased with the Troy Built Firewood Splitter and say that it offers exceptional power when splitting both seasoned and unseasoned wood. This model also comes pre-shipped with all fluids making set up a breeze, just set your log on it and go. So if you are looking for a heavy duty high powered gas log splitter, the Troy Built Log Splitter is a great choice.

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  • Honda OHC Engine
  • 27 Tons of Splitting Power
  • Can split logs up to 25″ in length
  • Durable cast iron design

  • Expensive
Rating:review stars
Price: $1599.99

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  1. Venkatesh says:

    I checked in on buidilng one myself. Unless you have a tractor or something with a good hydraulic system on it, it does pay. I went on and bought one last year. I would recommend that your get a larger one when doing this. I bought the 35 ton @ $1700.00. The smaller ones work fine if you have good splitting wood but when you hit a real knotty piece or a piece or gum you will need the extra ump. I have a small tractor with a front end loader on it and there wasn’t enough cfm to operate a log splitter. I wasn’t going to be able to get the speed out of it. I just wished I had bought the log splitter years ago.

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