Wel-Bilt Horizontal Manual Log Splitter (10-Ton)

wel-bilt manual log splitter

review stars The Wel-Bilt Horizontal Manual Log Splitter  (10-Ton) is a manual log splitter that provided 10 tons of splitting capacity at an affordable price of only $119. This small and compact model is portable and offers 2 wheels for ease in moving. The two speed pump provides up to ten tons of power and operates using two steel handles. With this small but mighty manual log splitter you can split logs up to 18” in length and 13.5” in diameter in a horizontal position. Another awesome feature of this manual log splitter that sits in the top of its class is that it offers a log cradle to prevent your split wood from falling to the ground after being split. With the Wel-Bilt Horizontal Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter – 10-Ton you can easily make splitting wood a task that takes little time and prevents the back breaking labor of swinging a splitting maul a thing of the past. Another great feature of the Wel-Bilt Manual Log Splitter is that it is easily stores when not in use due to its compact size.

If you are looking for the most cost efficient solution to help you with your log spitting you may want to check out the Quality Craft Foot-Operated Log Splitter (1.5-Ton) model LSF-001, which offers a handy foot pedal for ease in operation. However, customers are genuinely pleased with the value that comes with the Wel-Bilt Horizontal Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter (10-Ton) for the most part. Some customers had trouble with the handles breaking off after prolonged use as well as the slow speed option malfunctioning at times. However, overall the Wel-Bilt Horizontal 10 Ton Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter provided consistent results with customers happy with the splitting capacity that it provides for the low cost. We recommend this manual splitter over any other, and give it our “Top Choice” award based on our findings. You’ll be happy with this splitter if you’re not looking to spend a premium for the nicer electric/gas log splitters.

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  • Portable design
  • 10 tons of splitting power
  • 2 speed pump
  • Affordable price

  • Low speed malfunctions
  • Inefficient handle design
Rating:review stars
Price: $119.99

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