Ytl International Manual Log Splitter (8-Ton)

ytl international manual log splitter

review stars The Ytl International 8-Ton Manual Log Splitter (YTL23102) is a great manual log splitter that provides 8 tons of splitting capacity to manually split logs up to 23” in length and up to 13” in diameter. One great feature of this model is that it offers an adjustable wedge which can be manually adjusted depending on the size of the log you are splitting. The days of back breaking log splitting are over with the convenient easy to operate foot pedal that manually splits logs with ease. The Ytl International Inc YTL23102 8 Ton Manual Operation Log Splitter also comes equipped with solid wheels which make it portable on rough terrain. At only 40” in height the Ytl International Inc YTL23102 8 Ton Manual Operation Log Splitter is also small, compact and portable which allows you to discretely store this manual log splitter when not in use.

If you would like to explore your options the 8 Ton Hydraulic LOG WOOD Splitter (By Generic) is another excellent manual log splitter that offers a convenient foot pedal as well for just $20 more. However the Ytl International Inc Log Splitter is an excellent option that most customers are happy after using. Most customers rave about its ease in use for cutting small to medium firewood with ease. With it’s vertical orientation it can handle wider logs. However some customers found that the unit will seize to work over time if you attempt to split logs larger than the recommended size of 23” in length and 13” in diameter. Another common complaint is that the wheels are small and not designed for moving on a uneven or rough terrain. That being said, the Ytl International Manual Log Splitter is a well-made product t that when used as directed can quickly and efficiently split logs with ease.

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  • 8 Tons of splitter power
  • Adjustable wedge
  • Convenient foot pedal operation
  • Compact vertical design

  • Wheels are too small
  • Can malfunction if used improperly
Rating:review stars
Price: $139.95

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